The best way to preserve the value of your vehicle is to invest in routine maintenance. Simply by staying on top of some basic automotive upkeep, you can ensure your car or truck keeps running at peak condition for as long as possible. And, you can minimize the risk of more onerous, expensive repair needs down the road.

One of the most important routine maintenance requirements is the oil change. Your car needs engine oil to lubricate its moving parts and prevent against overheating. Every so often, you’ll want to make sure your oil tank is flushed out, the filters replaced, and new oil added.

In fact, there are a few common warning signs that it’s time for you to make your oil change appointment. Here are some of the red flags you’ll want to watch out for.

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Your engine oil appears dark or dirty. 

About once a month, use the dipstick to check your motor oil level. If your tank is dry, that’s a big problem, and you’ll want to refill it ASAP. Meanwhile, if the oil is dark or has visible dirt and debris in it, that means it’s about time for an oil change. Ideally, your oil will appear amber- or honey-colored.

You hear a knocking or grinding noise from the engine. 

Engine oil plays a number of important roles, one of which is lubricating the various components that help your car run. If you hear a banging sound coming from the engine, that probably means that your engine components are rubbing against each other, which can lead to engine degradation. This is a clear sign you need new oil.

Your check engine light is on. 

If you have an oil change light or a check engine light illuminated on your dashboard, that’s reason enough to make an appointment in our service center. In most newer vehicles, the oil change light will come on when your oil life gets down to 10 percent or so, so don’t delay in making your appointment.

Ready to Schedule Your Oil Change in Asheville, NC?

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